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Globalrez are the leader in commercial and residential air conditioning in Sydney. We supply the most trusted air conditioning brands to homes and businesses across the Greater Sydney region.

If you are considering purchasing an air conditioner for your home or business in Sydney, you’ll be deciding between either a split-system or ducted air conditioning unit. Within both of these types of air conditioning types, there are differences that you should consider.

With a five-year warranty on all parts and labour, and a price-match guarantee on any written quote, you’ll be confident knowing you’re getting exceptional service, for the best price no matter where you are in Sydney.

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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Sydney

Split system air conditioning in Sydney

We are experts in split system air conditioning Sydney. The name split system comes from the air conditioner being split into the indoor unit (with a fan, remote receiver etc) and an outdoor unit (with the compressor, propeller fan etc). Some outdoor units can connect to multiple indoor units, and these systems are called multi-split or multi-head systems.

Split systems will mostly use inverter technology, but not all do, so it’s worth checking. Each indoor unit can usually only cool one room, although depending on how powerful they are they may be able to cool large, open-plan rooms in some homes. They are the most popular choice of air-conditioner for homes in Australia. Generally they are cheaper than ducted but not quite as powerful or consistent.

If you’re unsure whether to get an inverter or non-inverter air conditioner, our Sydney team can help you to choose the right model for your circumstances and budget.

Air Conditioning Sydney - ducted

Ducted air conditioning in Sydney

We are your go-to experts for ducted air conditioning Sydney. Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate cool comfort in summer, and cosy warmth in winter. A ducted system can maintain ideal temperatures throughout your whole house or business in Sydney, and cover much larger areas than other air conditioning technology. A ducted system usually comprises an outdoor unit and a central indoor unit that connects to multiple vents or ducts throughout your building, usually in the ceiling but occasionally in walls or under the floor. Duct grills come in a range of styles, and can be seamlessly integrated into almost any interior. It’s also the quietest air conditioning technology, so it’s ideal for bedrooms or boardrooms where you don’t want any distractions.

Ducted systems can be set up to create different temperature ‘zones’, so for example you could choose to have a kitchen where multiple people are cooking (creating heat) cooled more than a bedroom with a single person who is trying to sleep. They have advanced sensors and air distribution ducts that make sure air is distributed evenly throughout each zone, so there aren’t hot or cold pockets in a room.

Our team in Sydney supply and install a wide range of ducted aircon units suitable for both homes and businesses.

Inverter Air Conditioning Sydney

Save money with inverter

Whether you buy a ducted or split-system air conditioner for your home or business in Sydney you will probably see the term ‘inverter’ mentioned on a lot of models. Inverter air conditioners are able to vary the speed of the compressor (which is a part in the box unit that usually sits outside the house) depending on how much power the air conditioner needs. For example, an inverter system that normally runs at 10kW might be able to run at 12kW when first switched on during a hot day to cool your house down quickly, then once the desired temperature has been reached it might stay on, but using much less power – perhaps 3kW.

A non-inverter model can only run at full power or be off, so a 10kW non-inverter system would run at 10kW while cooling your house down initially, switch off when the desired temperature was reached and automatically switch back on when it needed to start cooling again. Switching the compressor on and off uses a lot of energy, and creates more wear, so it is usually more expensive to run a non-inverter air conditioner.

Our Air Conditioning Services in Sydney

Air Conditioning Sydney Installation

Our Sydney team offers air conditioning installation solutions for houses and residential properties of all sizes, as well as servicing the needs of a range of businesses – from corner stores to multi-story office buildings and industrial storage facilities.

We stock a variety of models from these brands. Most of our models are reverse cycle (meaning they both heat and cool) and have inverter technology. Air conditioners with inverter technology have motors that are able to adjust their output depending on the temperature needs.

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Servicing, maintenance & repairs

As well as air conditioner sales and installation, we also offer servicing, maintenance and repairs for both commercial and residential air conditioner systems. To keep your air conditioner cooling and heating efficiently throughout the year, as well as making sure it lasts as long as possible, most brands recommend a service twice a year – at the start of summer and the start of winter.

A service through Globalrez Air Conditioning Sydney includes an advanced testing procedure that ensures all the components are running at full capacity, as well as a full service of all the indoor and outdoor components.

We are also able to clean the:

  • supply and return air ducts and registers
  • grills and diffusers
  • heat exchangers
  • heating and cooling coils
  • fan motor and fan housing
  • air handling unit housing

Servicing should increase the lifespan of your air conditioner, and if you have your air conditioner installed and serviced through Globalrez that lifespan is guaranteed. Regular servicing through Globalrez means that your aircon can qualify for the full warranty of up to ten years, rather than just the standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Air Conditioning Special Offers Sydney

Simply head over to our special offers page to find out more about how you can save money on your next air conditioning installation in Sydney.

Globalrez Sydney Customer Reviews

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Peter Revelos
Peter Revelos
11:01 23 Dec 19
Gary and his crew at Globalrez are excellent in all aspects of their business. I always like to deal with businesses that put the customers needs first and Globalrez definitely does that. I would highly recommend anyone looking to either get a new airconditioning system or an upgrade to checkout Globalrez first it will save you a lot of time
Patrick Riakos
Patrick Riakos
03:29 16 Nov 18
Justin was brilliant - very knowledgeable, very efficient, answered all my questions and cleaned after the A/C was installed. Price was excellent. Will definitely use them again.
Andrew Hickey
Andrew Hickey
07:41 13 Jul 21
Gary I would like to say a very big Thank You! Such an easy company to deal with: great communication; great prices; fast turnaround time for installation; all questions answered in quick time. . . .To Shane who came to install the air conditioner: words can’t praise you enough! What an asset to Globalrez!! So professional; cleaned up everything; a perfectionist. . . you need to be cloned!!