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Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Sydney

Your Local Experts Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Delivering a pleasant temperature throughout the year, even during the scorching summers and the harsh winters, ducted air conditioning is the ultimate solution for climate control inside your home or office.

Globalrez in Sydney and other locations in NSW & QLD are experts in Ducted Aircon Installation. We work with, and install only the most efficient and reliable ducted aircon units. We’ve gained a reputation as one of the best ducted air conditioning suppliers in Sydney and the Sunshine Coast, offering exceptional quality at competitive prices.

Key Features of Ducted Air Conditioning

Your Globalrez air conditioning expert will guide you through why a ducted air conditioning system might be right for you, here’s the key benefits to get you started.

Zone-Based Temperature Control

We can create different zones within a space – either individual rooms or multiple zones within a large area. This allows each zone to be independently controlled, drastically minimising energy consumption.

Discreet Ceiling Mounted Ducts

Ducted air conditioners are almost invisible with only the duct grills visible resulting in a sleek, uncluttered interior finish.

Noise Efficient System

As the ducts of the air conditioning unit are housed inside the ceiling and the compressor placed as far away from the building as possible, operating noise is almost nil from within the home or building.

Uniform Air Distributed Ducts

Ducted air conditioning systems provide uniform air circulation throughout the zone, meaning there’s are no hot or cold spots in the room.

Why Choose Globalrez for Ducted Aircon?

Complete guidance from start to finish

Ducted Air Conditioning - download

We guide you through choosing the most suitable systems for your needs. We look at the combined size of your rooms, the exposure to sunlight and the peak high and low temperatures throughout the season.

Ducted Air Conditioning - downloadWe provide a premium range of reliable, long-lasting ducted air conditioners so you can be confident that your investment in comfort will last for years to come.

Ducted Air Conditioning - downloadAll of the ducted air conditioners we install meet Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), so you know that you’re getting the best energy-efficient performance at the lowest running costs.

Access to talented and experienced professionals

Ducted Air Conditioning - download

You’ll work with our team of licensed professionals – a certified Technician who designs the ductworks, a licensed Electrician to work with the electrical components and a licensed Tradesman to perform the work for refrigeration.

Ducted Air Conditioning - downloadWe plan the positioning of the ducts in each zone for uniform air circulation. We take every precaution to ensure that the entire zone has even distribution with no blind spots.

Ducted Air Conditioning - downloadWe consult with you and decide the position of the main compressing unit to achieve minimum noise disturbance.

A quality service at competitive rates

Ducted Air Conditioning - downloadWe undertake quality ducted aircon installations and we’re always mindful of the final appearance of the building –  where it’s a new construction or an existing home or building.

Ducted Air Conditioning - downloadWe offer maintenance services for ducted air conditioning systems, keeping your investment running as efficiently and smoothly throughout its life time.

Ducted Air Conditioning - downloadWe provide competitive rates for ducted air conditioning installation in Sydney, Lake Macquarie and the Sunshine Coast, as well as maintenance and energy-efficient suggestions to keep your power consumption low.