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Ducted Air Conditioning your complete guide to choosing the best air conditioner

Ducted Air Conditioning your complete guide to choosing the best air conditioner - Metricon Waterford48 Ellendale 0178 ducted

Are you in the market comparing which air conditioning option to go for? If yes, now is the time to get the right knowledge on choosing the perfect air conditioner for your home or work space. After all, nobody wants to sweat through the hot summer of Australia, right?

First up, you must understand the difference between various types of air conditioning units available in the market.  From split air conditioners to window air conditioners and ducted air conditioners, there are many types of air conditioning unit types available in the market.

But here’s the deal – buying an air conditioning unit is an investment so it’s important to invest in the right type of air conditioner. It’s easy to get confused by all the different choices in the market, so that is why we have put together this mini guide on why you should opt for a ducted air conditioner and how to choose the right one. So how can you shop for the best ducted air conditioning system in Australia?

How does a Ducted air conditioning work?

Basically, a ducted air conditioning unit works using a system of ‘ducts’ or insulated pipes that circulate cool air around your home. Thus, a ducted air conditioning unit is more efficient for cooling as compared to a split air conditioner in Sydney.

So, now you know how a ducted air conditioner works. The next important question to ask before choosing the best ducted air conditioner brand in Sydney

What is the cost of running a Ducted air conditioner?

  1. Size of your home
  2. How long will you operate the air condition for
  3. How well insulated your home is
  4. How many rooms in your home
  5. If you have a ceiling cavity
  6. What is the construction material of your home

Before you install a famous ducted air conditioner brand for your home in Sydney, Australia – you should be clear about the answers to the above questions. This will help you run your air conditioner for longer and enjoy energy-efficient cooling throughout your home.

Also, keep in mind that the more number of zones that require cooling in your home will subsequently increase the overall expense of running an air conditioning unit for you. Now that you have a clear sense of the important questions to be asked (and answered), let’s understand

How to choose the right ducted air conditioner brand for your Residential or Commercial Space?

  1. Decide the star rating you will go with: obviously choosing a higher star rating (5 or 6 stars) air conditioner will cost you more upfront but it will give you the benefit of saving significant electricity bill costs over time.
  2. Get multiple quotes: different air conditioner brands have different models and different prices. To make sure you don’t get a raw deal, make sure to get multiple quotes from different stores and brands. Once you have multiple quotes, compare and make a choice.
  3. Installation: when it comes to installing an air conditioning unit, especially a ducted air conditioning unit in Sydney, don’t cut corners on installation costs.

So are you ready to install a ducted air conditioning  in Sydney Australia?

Since the air conditioning installation and operation of a ducted air conditioner is different from a normal one, it is important to make the right choice. One must only go for the best ducted air conditioning companies in Australia such as – Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, LG, Carrier or Samsung. If you are not sure how to get started with buying a ducted air conditioning system in Sydney, contact the experts at GlobalRez today. We will guide you to make the right choice and save both time and money.

What is the benefit of a Ducted Air Con System?

The biggest benefit of a Ducted Air conditioning system is that it is quieter, more energy efficient and aesthetically beautiful for your home. Plus, if you want to control the air conditioning pressure for each room, you can do that with a ducted air conditioning system. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade or repair to a more advanced cooling/heating system and shop for the best ducted air conditioners in Sydney Australia from GlobalRez experts today.

To turn your whole house into a comfortable air-conditioning system, you can contact our experts to guide you with the right purchase and service of air cons. Before you start spending your money on air conditioning model for your home, do not forget to give GlobalRez a call for best price option. We are a phone call away and our air conditioning experts can guide you with the right size, model and design of ducted air conditioner brands in Sydney.

If you are confused about how to shop for the most affordable, reliable and practical ducted air conditioning units for your home, let our experts suggest you the right product. At GlobalRez, we deal in the top air conditioning brands in Sydney Australia and our years of expertise has helped hundreds of smart buyers make the right buying decision.

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