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What Makes Ducted Air Conditioning in Sydney the Best Choice for Your Home?

What Makes Ducted Air Conditioning in Sydney the Best Choice for Your Home? - summer ac

Are you suffering from the sweltering heat of the Sydney sun?

The harsh heat makes us scrambling to shelter in someplace far away from the sun. It is practically difficult to survive the heat waves in Sydney without any air conditioner. So if you are planning to ditch the old air conditioners that shoot up your electricity bill and get a brand new one, then it is time to weigh your options.

Among all the different types of air conditioners, the ducted air conditioning units are the best one that suits the hot Sydney summers. Ducted air conditioning triumphs over the other types on all accounts – convenience, performance and efficiency. Before we jump into how ducted air conditioners can help you in the summer, let’s see what these are.

The Basics of Ducted Air Conditioning

The ducted air conditioner has a central fan unit at the roof of your house. The ducts present at various locations of the home are connected to this central unit which sends out the cooling air through the grills into the house. This setup allows you to set different temperatures at different locations of your house and have complete control over air distribution and temperature.

All the other air conditioning parts, including the noisy compressor unit and the heat exchanger, are present outside the house. This way, you do not need to have much space to install the ducted air conditioning unit.

Why Ducted Air Conditioners Are Best for Sydney Homes?


Ducted air conditioners provide the best cooling performance, which is exactly what you need during the summers at Sydney. Depending on the size and design of your home, you can easily install a ducted air conditioning system for your entire home no matter if it is newly constructed or an existing house. You can enjoy an uniform temperature from the comforts of your home all around the day with ducted air conditioners.

Inverter Technology for Smooth Temperature Changes

The inverter technology of the ducted systems is one of the reasons for the continuous control of the temperature. The inverter technology changes the power consumption based on the need for the decrease or increase in temperature.

Unlike the other non-inverter types where the compressor is turned on and off, the inverted type of air conditioners keeps the compressor running. It precisely controls the speed of the motor to change the temperature at high speed. Therefore, you can quickly heat or cool down a room with a smooth transition of the temperature with the inverter technology of the ducted air conditioners.

Reverse Cycle Process for Heating and Cooling

The reverse cycle process means the transfer of the heat from one place to another. In ducted air conditioning systems, the reverse cycle means that the same system can be used for both heating and cooling instead of using multiple heat exchangers. Let’s get a little technical and see how this process actually happens.

This process takes place with the help of refrigerant, which absorbs the heat from the hot air taken from the outside and sends in the cool air to the ducts. This hot refrigerant is now processed through the compressor to cool it down for absorbing the heat from the outside air again. This entire process can be reversed to heat the air when you wish to increase the temperature of the room higher than the outside temperature.

This fundamental principle of reverse cycling in ducted air conditioners is perfect for the Sydney climate as the summers can get very hot and the winters can be very cold. The ducted air conditioners can be used throughout the entire year to enjoy an optimal temperature irrespective of what the current weather is.

Energy-Efficient Systems with MEPS Compliant

The ducted air conditioners with a cooling capacity of up to 65kW found in Australia are all compliant with Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). This ensures that the ducted air conditioners exhibit high performance with maximum energy efficiency.

The zoned-based control of the ducted air conditioners further plays a vital role in reducing power consumption. You can switch off or increase the temperature of the zone when no one is present and use only the zones where you actually need it. This way, you can operate the system in an energy-efficient manner and have control over the power consumption of the air conditioners.

Less Running Costs

Though in the beginning, purchasing a ducted air conditioner may seem like a considerable investment, if you calculate the running costs, in the long run, it is the cheapest option. The running costs for ducted air conditioners include:
• Yearly servicing and maintenance charges
• The monthly electricity cost
• The cost of fault repairs

As you will be servicing a single ducted air conditioning unit, the price for the service is comparatively less than the other air conditioning systems and it goes the same for the repairs too. The ducted air conditioning systems are best in terms of energy-efficient performance and so your electricity bill won’t scare you as it did with the multiple split air conditioners.

The ducted air conditioners are best to combat the extreme temperatures in Sydney. If you are planning to get a ducted air conditioning unit for your home, contact one of our experts at GlobalRez for more guidance. You can reach out to us with your queries and requirements at 1300 781 855 and get the best air conditioning installation and services.

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