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Globalrez is the authority on air conditioning in Sydney. There’s nothing we don’t know about keeping you warm and cosy in winter, and cool and comfortable in summer – with us, you’re in expert hands.

We’re the leader in commercial and residential air conditioning installation Sydney. We supply the best air conditioning brands to homes and businesses across the Greater Sydney region including the Central Coast. With a strong focus on energy efficiency, we sell and install both split and ducted air conditioning solutions across Australia’s largest and most trusted brands. 

We take time to understand your Sydney air conditioning requirements, guiding you through your options to ensure you get the perfect solution for your unique needs. From product selection and air conditioning installation, to repair and maintenance, Globelrez offers an end-to-end service that’s guaranteed.

With a five-year warranty on all parts and labour, and a price-match guarantee on any written quote, you’ll be confident knowing you’re getting exceptional service, for the best price no matter where you are in Sydney.  From the Northern Beaches to the Hills District, Penrith, Blacktown and beyond. We even service Wollongong as well as some areas outside of NSW. Check out our list of service locations for more information.

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Our friendly team of Certified Technicians are highly skilled in commercial and residential air conditioning installation. We don’t compromise on quality, you’ll receive the highest standard of workmanship, each and every time - guaranteed.

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With over 15 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on getting the job done on time, with minimum disruption to your business or household. Just ask our customers, on time delivery isn’t just a promise, it’s how we do business.

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Globalrez has a dedicated customer support team focussed on your comfort. We are ready and waiting to help you, ensuring you’re 100% satisfied with every aspect of the service you’re receiving.

Air Conditioning FAQs & Cost

 If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. We’re Air Conditioning Sydney experts!

Our team offers air conditioning installation solutions for houses and residential properties of all sizes, as well as servicing the needs of a range of businesses – from corner stores to multi-story office buildings and industrial storage facilities. 

We have access to a huge range of models from the most popular air conditioning suppliers in Australia and overseas. We have qualified installers for both ActronAir and Daikin – the two best air-conditioning manufacturers in Australia (although Daikin is now overseas-owned they are still manufactured here). We also have a focus on energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions that keep costs low for our clients – we supply and install aircons from the leading brands in energy efficiency such as Mitsubishi, Haier, and Samsung. As well as being energy efficient Mitsubishi are one of the most popular choices among consumers, and are consistently endorsed by consumer group CHOICE, and we also stock Fujitsu which is another favourite in the Australian aircon market. 

We stock a variety of models from these brands. Most of our models are reverse cycle (meaning they both heat and cool) and have inverter technology. Air conditioners with inverter technology have motors that are able to adjust their output depending on the temperature needs. 

Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate cool comfort in summer, and cosy warmth in winter. A ducted aircon system can maintain ideal temperatures throughout your whole house or business, and cover much larger areas than other air conditioning technologies. 

You can customise the installation of a ducted air con system. Usually a ducted aircon installation comprises an outdoor unit and a central indoor unit that connects to multiple vents or ducts throughout your building. The vents are generally placed in the ceiling but can also be inserted into walls or under the floor, depending upon what suits your needs and the aesthetic of your home or business. Duct grills are available in a range of styles, and can be seamlessly integrated into almost any interior. It’s also the quietest air conditioning technology so it’s ideal for bedrooms or boardrooms where you don’t want any distractions. 

During installation ducted aircon systems can be set up to create different temperature ‘zones’, for example, you could choose to have a warehouse where multiple people are operating machinery (that creates heat) and exerting themselves through physical labour cooled more than an office where people are stationary, sitting at their desks. In a home you can have your kitchen cooled more than the bedrooms, or create different zones for the bedrooms for people who are comfortable at different temperatures. Ducted aircon systems have advanced sensors and air distribution ducts that make sure air is distributed evenly throughout each zone, so there aren’t hot or cold pockets in a room.

Split system air conditioners are the most popular choice for homes in Australia. Generally a little cheaper than ducted systems, they are quite capable of cooling a single room and some are capable of cooling multiple, open-plan rooms. Most split system air conditioning installations comprise an indoor unit (with a fan, remote receiver, etc) and an outdoor unit (with the compressor, propellor fan, etc). For some homes and small businesses we can connect a single outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, and these systems are called multi-split or multi-head systems.

Globalrez has over 25 years of experience in air conditioning installation, and our team is filled with highly-qualified experts with years of industry knowledge. We know that air-conditioning can represent a large chunk of any home or business’s running costs so it’s important to fit an air-conditioning system that is appropriate for the space – one that won’t have to work too hard to keep the area cool in summer or warm in winter but also won’t cost too much to run. 

We provide free quotes online or over the phone for air conditioning installations in Sydney, Wollongong, the Central Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We offer a personalised service that will consider the unique circumstances for your home or business, and find the air-conditioning set-up that will best suit your needs. Some installers will quote using a simple algorithm based purely on the floor space that the air conditioner has to service, but to ensure your system runs efficiently and effectively other factors need to be considered. Before recommending an air conditioner for installation one of our experts will analyse other things that will impact the requirements for your system such as:

  • Size of the room: as well as floor space our team will factor in things like the height of the walls. A warehouse facility with 100m² of floor space with multi-level racking will need a much bigger system than a 100m² office floor. 
  • Insulation: What is the building made out of? Are the ceilings and walls insulated? What’s underneath and on top of the room?
  • Location: We install air conditioners across all of the Greater Sydney area; we know a room in Western Sydney will need a more powerful air conditioner for cooling compared to a similarly sized room in Bondi. 
  • Orientation: Which way does the room face, and where are the windows positioned? Are the windows double-glazed or do you have shut out blinds?

We will never recommend an air conditioning installation that is too big, or ‘overkill’ for the needs of your space. Often people shopping for air conditioners that use automatic online estimators will opt for one more powerful than is recommended ‘to be safe’; however this can be counter-productive. One of the reasons we always provide a personalised quote is because it’s not just under-powered air conditioners that can cause problems and cost a lot to run, a system that is too large for the area it is heating or cooling can also cause issues. An air conditioner that is too big may not dehumidify or dry the air enough, the automatic systems may turn on and off so frequently that it causes damage, and it can also leave your room too hot or too cold. When you get a quote from Globalrez you will speak to an experienced air conditioning installer who can talk you through the options for  your unique space, and outline the different brands and models that will be suitable. 

Our air conditioning installation teams are experts that work in a professional and considerate manner. We aim to fit your aircon with a minimal disruption to your home or business, and complete maintenance, servicing and repairs as quickly and easily as possible.

As well as air conditioner sales and installation we also offer servicing, maintenance and repairs for both commercial and residential air conditioner systems. To keep your air conditioner cooling and heating efficiently throughout the year, as well as making sure it lasts as long as possible most brands recommend a service twice a year – at the start of summer and the start of winter.

An air conditioning service through Globalrez includes an advanced testing procedure that ensures all the components are running at full capacity, as well as a full service of all the indoor and outdoor components.

We are also able to clean the:

  • supply and return air ducts and registers
  • grills and diffusers
  • heat exchangers
  • heating and cooling coils
  • fan motor and fan housing
  • air handling unit housing

Servicing should increase the lifespan of your air conditioner, and if you have your air conditioner installed and serviced through Globalrez that lifespan is guaranteed. Regular servicing through Globalrez means that your aircon can qualify for the full warranty of up to ten years, rather than just the standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We offer both commercial and residential air conditioner sales and installation as well servicing, maintenance and repairs across Sydney (including Greater Western Sydney), Wollongong, the Central Coast, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Our air conditioning installations are guaranteed for both quality and price. We offer a five-year warranty on all parts and labour, which can be extended to up to ten years with regular servicing. We also offer a price-match guarantee on any written quote, so you can be confident knowing you’re getting a quality aircon, with a quality installation, for the best price.

Installing a new air conditioning system can be a big cost to your home or business, so we offer a number of flexible payment options including multi-year interest free payment plans with no deposit.

Installing a new air conditioning system can be a big cost to your home or business, so we offer a number of flexible payment options including multi-year interest free payment plans with no deposit.

Our Customer Feedback

Based on 90 reviews
Christine Ellard
Christine Ellard
02:38 10 Mar 20
The team that installed our Fujitsu ducted air conditioner were great. Team leader Nathan could not do enough for us regarding the installation and the questions that were asked were answered with no problems. They also clean up after the installation I highly recommend Globalrez Air Conditioning regarding the price and installation.
Margaret Monti
Margaret Monti
04:38 20 Feb 21
Totally recommend this company, from the first contact for a quote to the replacement installation of our air conditioners (yes we liked them so much we ended up getting them back a second time). The team is a well oiled machine and they know what they are doing. They don't muck around the job is done quickly and without fuss or mess. Product is fantastic we are loving our Mitsubishi units. Well done Gary, Mick and the installation team on the Central Coast. Don't hesitate to choose this team.
Andrew Hickey
Andrew Hickey
07:41 13 Jul 21
Gary I would like to say a very big Thank You! Such an easy company to deal with: great communication; great prices; fast turnaround time for installation; all questions answered in quick time. . . .To Shane who came to install the air conditioner: words can’t praise you enough! What an asset to Globalrez!! So professional; cleaned up everything; a perfectionist. . . you need to be cloned!!

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