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Samsung Air Conditioning Installation

Samsung Air Conditioning Installation

Samsung Air Conditioners

Samsung offer split, ducted and multi-split air conditioning systems. Samsung aircon units are known for their superior reliability. Samsung’s range of air conditioning solutions are high performing and energy efficient.

Our Globalrez team are experts in Samsung air conditioning installation and are highly knowledgeable across the Samsung range. We will discuss your unique air conditioning requirements, and together we’ll decide on the perfect product for you. Through us, you’ll have access to Samsung’s full range of products, and you can be confident knowing we will install any Samsung split or ducted aircon system to the highest standards.

Samsung Ducted Aircon Systems

Samsung offers a variety of different ducted systems, meaning you’ll find one perfect for your needs.

Split systems

Triple Protector Plus Technology

The Samsung’s inverter split air conditioners feature an in-built Triple Protector Plus technology that protects against voltage overloads, corrosion and extreme heat.

8 Pole Digital Inverter

The 8 Pole Digital Inverter in the Samsung air conditioners consumes less energy than conventional models of air conditioners. It provides quieter operation, and makes the system more durable and efficient as it maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on.

Waterfall Airflow Effect

Samsung split air conditioners provide uniform coverage of cool air with its waterfall airflow effect. This airflow is directed at a right angle down towards the room, which enables even distribution of air.

Reverse Cycle

The reverse cycling feature of this system allows you to use the same unit for both heating and cooling purposes. This ensures that the air conditioning unit works with high efficiency and conserves energy.

HD Filter

The HD filter, along with ionizer reduces the amount of dust in the room. The positively charged ions in the dust are attracted towards the negative ions generated by the ionizer, which reduces the dust level.

Auto Clean Inductor

Moisture content can lead to corrosion. Samsung split air conditioners avoid this issue by running the indoor fan for a short time to dry all the moisture from the inductor coil.

Smart App

You can control the Samsung air conditioner from anywhere in the house, or remotely with Samsung smart application. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of switching on or off your air conditioner, controlling the modes and setting the temperatures – from anywhere in the world!

Single Person Mode

When there is just one person in the room, there is no need for the compressor to run at its full capacity. This Single Person Mode helps to reduce the load of the compressor and the power consumption.