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Haier Air Conditioning

Globalrez Air Conditioning are your trusted experts in the supply and install of Haier Air Conditioning.

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Globalrez are your local installers of Haier Air Conditioning across Sydney and beyond

Haier has experienced huge success globally, and is growing steadily here in Australia. Haier offers a range of air conditioning products that are known for efficiency, reliability and the use of innovative technology.

Our Globalrez team are experts across the Haier Air Conditioning range. We will discuss your unique air conditioning requirements, and together we’ll decide on the perfect product for you. Through us, you’ll have access to Haier’s full range of aircon products, and you can be confident knowing we will install any split or ducted air conditioning system to the highest standards.

Air conditioning installation is the process of setting up a new air conditioning unit in your home or office. This includes selecting the appropriate size and type of unit, preparing the site for installation, and properly connecting the unit to the electrical and ductwork systems. A professional installation is recommended to ensure that the unit is set up correctly and safely. This can help to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency, as well as prolonging the life of the unit.

Our team provides end-to-end Haier Air Conditioning Installation services in Sydney and other locations in NSW & QLD.

Haier Split Systems

Haier split system air conditioners are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a reliable and energy-efficient cooling solution. These units consist of an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handling unit, which are connected by refrigerant lines. This design allows for easy installation and minimal disruption to your home. Haier split system air conditioners are equipped with a variety of features to ensure optimal performance and comfort. Some models include programmable thermostats, remote control, and multiple fan speeds. Additionally, Haier split system air conditioners have a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), which means they use less energy to cool your home. These units are also backed by a warranty for added peace of mind. Upgrade your home’s cooling system with a Haier split system air conditioner.

Haier’s wall hung split system air conditioners offer smart features including WiFi connectivity that lets you set your ideal temperature remotely, to a sleep mode that creates the best environment for a restful night.

They are also self-cleaning, so the air you breathe will always be free of dust and bacteria. And the built-in eco-sensor gives you superior energy efficiency by putting the system into energy saving mode when there’s no one in the room.

Haier Ducted Air Conditioning

Haier ducted air conditioners offer a discreet and centralized cooling solution for larger homes and commercial spaces. These units are installed in the attic or crawl space and use a network of ducts to distribute cool air throughout the entire building. Ducted air conditioners are ideal for those who want to maintain a consistent temperature throughout their home without the need for multiple window units or portable air conditioners.

Haier ducted air conditioners come with a variety of features including programmable thermostats, remote control, and multiple fan speeds to ensure optimal performance and comfort. They also have high SEER ratings, which means they are energy efficient and can help lower your energy bills. With a Haier ducted air conditioner, you can enjoy a comfortable home or office all year round.

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Haier Air Conditioners average cooling energy efficiency rating for 10kW – 16kW is not so average!

haier air conditioning

haier air conditioning installation

* Source: Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy. See website for data series and notes.

** Haier is the number one brand of connected air conditioner (including smart air conditioner)in the world, with a market share of 30.9% in terms of volume sales in 2018. Source: Euromonitor International Limited: Date Issued: 26th February 2019.