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ActronAir Air Conditioning Installation

Actron Air are a proud Australian company. They have developed a wide range of quality, energy efficient air conditioning solutions, designed to handle Australia’s extreme conditions and to meet your exact air conditioning needs – from a single room or your whole home, to an entire workplace or commercial building.

Our Globalrez team are experts across the Actron Air range. We will discuss your unique air conditioning requirements, and together we’ll decide on the perfect product for you. Through us, you’ll have access to Actron Air’s full range of products, and you can be confident knowing we will install any split or ducted system to the highest standards.

ActronAir Split systems air conditioning

Actron Air’s wall hung split system – Serene, offers a range of key benefits. They have a sleek, matt finish and multi-directional airflow. The controller is user-friendly and you’ll enjoy quick comfort,  with innovative technology that allows for fast performance, heating or cooling your room to the desired temperature quickly and efficiently.

ActronAir Multi-split systems air conditioning

Actron Air’s MultiElite multi-split system allows up to five individual air conditioning heads to be installed throughout your home, office or retail space, using just the one outdoor unit. There are different capacities to suit your needs – the MultiElite has outdoor capacities ranging from 5kW to 14kW. The 5kW can connect up to 2 heads while the 14kW can connect up to 5 heads.

These all connect to a single outdoor unit allowing for a better use of energy and space.

ActronAir Ducted air conditioning

Actron Air offers a range of ducted air-conditioning systems – from ultra slim models, perfect for when space is limited and a classic series offering trusted and tested performance, to premium systems that offer exceptional performance with unrivalled energy efficiencies.