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Fujitsu Air Conditioning Installation

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Installation

Fujitsu has a strong focus on research and development, its products are manufactured using the latest innovation and technologies. They have recently been voted the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand in the Air Conditioning category and have an extensive offering across ducted, split, commercial and residential air conditioning solutions.

Our Globalrez team in Sydney and other locations in NSW & QLD are experts in Fujitsu air conditioning installation and can provide sound advice across the entire Fujitsu aircon range. We will discuss your unique air conditioning requirements, and together we’ll decide on the perfect product for you. Through us, you’ll have access to Fujitsu’s full range of products, and you can be confident knowing we will install any Fujitsu split or ducted aircon system to the highest standards.

Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioners

With several ducted systems to choose from, Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems offer whole-home performance with superior flexibility. With zone controls, you’re able to control the temperature of different areas to maximize your comfort, as well as energy efficiency. Fujitsu’s slimline models are ideal if your ceiling space is limited, with quiet operation, and discreet design these systems will integrate seamlessly into your décor.

Split systems

Reverse Cycle

Fujitsu split air conditioners with reverse cycle help to heat or cool the room quickly at minimum power. You’ll experience perfect temperature all year round by the reversal of the heating and cooling units from the same heat exchanger.

Optimized Inverter Control

Fujitsu split air conditioner units work on the I-PAM and V-PAM inverter control. With the combination of both these inverter controls, the unit can work with high performance with minimum power supply and increase the efficiency of the compressor.

Human Sensor Control

The human sensor of the Fujitsu air conditioners is designed to detect the humans in the room and controls the room temperature accordingly. If there is no one in a room for a set time, it will automatically switch off the air conditioner.

Hybrid Airflow

With the dual side fans in the Fujitsu split air conditioning units, the air is distributed throughout the room with the hybrid airflow. The hybrid airflow combines the different temperatures of air with varying velocities to facilitate optimum temperature.

Clean, Dust-Free Air

The ion deodorization filter with the ultra-fine ceramic particle and the apple-catechin filter, cleans the air by absorbing the dust particles in the air inflow and removes the odour using oxidization and reduction techniques.

Power Diffuser

At times when you need to quickly increase the room temperature, the power diffuser opens another louver to reach the set temperature immediately. The Powerful Mode helps to achieve this efficient operation by running the compressor at maximum speed.

Super Quiet Construction

Designed to be super quiet, you’ll barely know it’s running. You can further control the sound level of the outdoor unit by running the air conditioner in the Low Noise Mode.