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Daikin Air Conditioning Installation

Globalrez supply & install Daikin Air Conditioning products across Greater Sydney, the Central Coast and Wollongong regions.

Daikin Air Conditioning is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of aircon. Daikin’s air conditioning systems offer comfort, less energy consumption, longevity and high performance. And all for a great price!
The Globalrez team are experts across the Daikin range. We can handle your Daikin Air Conditioning Installation from start to finish. Get in touch to discuss your air conditioning needs, and we’ll decide on the perfect product for you. Globalrez has access to Daikin’s full range of products. You can be confident knowing we will install any split or ducted system to the highest standards.
Our expert team installs Daiking Air Conditioning in Sydney and other locations in NSW & QLD.

Daikin Split System Air Conditioning

Daikin offers an extensive range of split systems for your home. From wall mounted and floor standing models, heating and cooling, and cooling only systems. All Daikin’s products have a variety of features to suit your needs. Quiet performance, economic running costs and sleek sleek design are all key features of Daikin. Daikin split system air conditioners use the latest technology for optimal performance and comfort.

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning

Daikin’s premium range of ducted air conditioning solutions are discreet and quiet. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to install Daikin aircon in an existing home, Globalrez expert team can take care of the job. The only visible signs of air conditioning will be the grilles and the controller. Daikin ducted air conditioning prices vary depending on the size of your home and your unique needs. Speak with our team today to get a quote.

Daikin Ducted Aircon Features

Adaptable Zoning Options

Daikin ducted air conditioning systems allow you to split an indoor area into various zones. You can control each of these zones to either heat or cool it according to your requirements, saving power.

Optimal Air Circulation

While installing your air conditioning unit, we strategically plan the placement of the discharge grills at specific points for uniform air circulation. Our Installation Technicians consider the shape and size of the room to decide on the optimal grill positioning.

Concealed Air Conditioning Units

We install the indoor ducted system so that the majority of your air conditioning unit is concealed under the floor, or in the ceiling with just the controller and the discharge grills are visible. We also place the outdoor ducted air conditioning system at a concealed location.

Unparalleled Energy Performance

All the Daikin air conditioners have a cooling capacity of up to 65 kW to ensure high efficiency. As the outdoor air conditioning unit has an efficient cross-path heat exchanger and the indoor unit has a DC fan motor, you’ll enjoy minimum energy consumption and ensure many years of high performance.

Intelligent Automatic Controlling System

The Daikin air conditioning unit has an infra-red sensor which detects the absence of any person in the room and modifies temperature accordingly. Similarly, when a person enters the room, the infra-red sensor detects this and reduces the temperature. This intelligent approach to controlling the temperature enables excellent working efficiency.

Superior Design

Daikin air conditioners are designed specifically by considering your practical needs. Daikin’s innovation and use of technology sets it apart from its competitors in terms of performance and energy savings.

Coanda Airflow Effect

When you have a lot of tables, chairs and other objects in the room, it can obstruct the airflow and lead to ununiformed air circulation. However, with this new Coanda effect, the airflow is directed towards the ceiling for an increased airflow length, which increases the uniformity of air circulation and enables better performance at the same temperature.

Energy-Efficient Inverter Technology

The inverter technology of Daikin air conditioning units control the speed of the motor according to the changes made in the temperature and reduces power loss.

Enjoy Complete Control from Anywhere with Daikin

Simply download the Daikin app to your smartphone and turn your unit on and off, or change the temperature from anywhere, anytime!

 daikin aircon installation

You can use this app to connect to the Daikin ducted air conditioner in three ways:

Through Direct Connection: We will fit a WLAN adapter to your air conditioner and you can directly connect the app to this adopter inside its range.

Through WiFi Connection When in Range: To control the air conditioner with WiFi, you can quickly start controlling the temperature and other settings through the app.

Through Internet Connection When Out of RangeTurn your unit on and adjust the temperature from anywhere!

Daikin aircon systems offer everything you look for in an air conditioning system – comfort, less energy consumption, longevity and high performance. Are you interested to know more about our services? Contact us to know the Daikin air conditioning prices and get yourself a world-class Daikin air conditioner installed at budget-friendly rates!