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Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning Over Split Systems?

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning Over Split Systems? - split or ducted air coditioner panasonic

Have you ever gone crazy in the summer with the scorching sun making you sweaty throughout the day?

Well, if you have, then installing an air conditioner must be at the top of your priority. When you have decided to buy yourself a good quality air conditioner, next comes the biggest question of all – ducted air conditioning or split air conditioning systems.

While both has its share of pros and cons, the ducted air conditioning always triumphs due to its ease of use, long life and excellent performance. Not convinced? Read on to find out why you should invest in a ducted air conditioning unit over a split air conditioner.

Uniform Cooling Everywhere You Go

One of the major disadvantages of installing a split air conditioner is that only the people in the zone of the air conditioner can enjoy the cool air. Moreover, you will have to close off that particular room to experience the maximum performance of the split air conditioner. This can be a problem if you are someone who doesn’t like to live inside a closed room just for air conditioning or if your house has an open-air setting.

Contrast to the cons of split air conditioners, ducted air conditioning units can provide uniform air circulation everywhere in the home. The central air conditioning unit of the ducted system is connected to several ducts that are strategically positioned throughout the home. Therefore, no matter if you are eating in the dining room, working in the study room or chilling in the living room, you can enjoy the benefits of uniform air circulation.
What’s more, is that you do not need to confine yourself inside a room for the sake of the air conditioner! You can roam around the home wherever you want and still not get affected by the hot sun outside.

Zone-Based Temperature Control

Ducted -air-conditioning-sydney

With ducted air conditioners, you can sit in the living room and control the temperature in the bedroom. You can split the ducted air conditioning unit control into multiple zones and control each of the zones individually from the same controller.

The ducted air conditioner nowadays comes with an intelligent sensing technology where the controller senses the absence of a person in the room and controls the cooling in that particular zone. This will also help you greatly to reduce your electricity usage.

Also, the ducted air conditioning units come with an app which you can install on your smartphones and tablets. Through this app, you can control the temperature from anywhere inside the home or even from the outside!

Minimize Energy Consumption

The energy consumption of a ducted air conditioner is far less than the combined split air conditioners you will have to install. There are several reasons for the minimum energy consumption of ducted air conditioners:

Reverse Cycle: The ducted air conditioner works on the ‘Reverse Cycle’ where one system works to cool the temperature whereas another works to increase the temperature. Instead of having multiple units of split air conditioners consuming a whole lot of energy, the combined hot and cold system of ducted air conditioner requires comparatively less energy.

Sensors and Intelligent Controller: The ducted systems have a lot of sensors and thermostats, which measures the real-time outside temperature and the temperature and feeds to the controller. The controller then maintains an optimal room temperature based on the temperature difference.

Placement of Ducts: As the ducts are on the ceiling, they won’t have any difficulties to provide uniform cooling over the entire zone in spite of obstacles. However, the split air conditioners placed on the walls find it hard to reach the set temperature with many obstacles in the room, which again leads to more energy consumption.

Unobtrusive to the Aesthetics

ducted air conditioning

With a split air conditioner, you can visibly see the large unit in the room. When you are trying to maintain your home sleek and aesthetically pleasing, the presence of a big air conditioner could disturb the design and decorations of the room. Sometimes, the noise from split air conditioners can be loud and disturbing too.

Ducted air conditioning units are almost invisible save for the duct at the ceiling. The entire system of the ducted air conditioner is installed inside the ceiling with just the stylish ducts placed at various zones in the house. The central compressor unit is placed far to ensure that you are not disturbed by the humming sound when you sleep at night.

Cheaper Than You Think

Even if you are installing multiple split air conditioners all around your home, it will cost more than a centralized ducted air conditioning system. Apart from the high installation costs of each split air conditioner, you will have to pay for the maintenance and servicing of every individual unit, which in total costs a lot. Comparatively, since the ducted air conditioning unit is a single system as a whole, it will cost relatively lesser.

Do you want to chill this summer in the comforts of your home with ducted air conditioning? Talk to one of our experts at Globalrez and get budget-friendly air conditioning solutions for your home and office.

Image Credit: panasonic.com.au

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