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Top 6 Reasons Why People Prefer Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Top 6 Reasons Why People Prefer Ducted Air Conditioning Installation - air con

In the hot summers, split air conditioners may not be sufficient to provide proper cooling. Your house may be too large, or you may require central point for temperature control. Whatever your special needs are, ducted air conditioning is perfect for keeping you cool in the summers and provide an optimal warm temperature in the winters.

Why People Prefer Installing Ducted Air Conditioning Systems?

Ducted air conditioners offer a lot in terms of flexibility during the installation, be it in deciding the location of the ducts or the installation of central compressor units. Due to its adaptable nature based on individual requirements and its high operational performance, many prefer installing ducted air conditioners over any other. Want to know what else sets apart ducted air conditioners from the rest of the air conditioners? Read on to find out.

1. Strategic Placements of Ducts

In ducted air conditioning, the installation specialists plan and design the placement of ducts at strategic locations all around the house. This positioning of ducts is calculated to ensure optimal air circulation without any hindrances.

In other kind of air conditioners, say the split air conditioning units, the presence of walls, tables, chairs, racks and sofas tend to block the free circulation of air which leads to the presence of hot and cold spots all around the house. The ducted air conditioners eliminate this problem by placing the ducts at the roof of the house, which helps in maintaining uniform room temperature all around the place. With the air circulating unhindered, you don’t need to worry about hot or cold spots too.

2. Thermally-Efficient Systems

The ducted systems are designed to operate with high thermal efficiency, meaning that the system works with very minimum heat loss. The high thermal efficiency is made possible by the high quality ducting that carries the hot and cold air to and from the heat exchangers to the central fan and the grilles. The heat loss during this path of travel is kept at a minimum level due to the highly insulated ducts.

These thermally-efficient ducted air conditioning units also helps in reducing the power consumption and quickly adapts to the changes in the set temperature.

3. Retain the Interior Designs of the Home

Top 6 Reasons Why People Prefer Ducted Air Conditioning Installation - ac sydney 1024x682 1

When we say ducted air conditioning, the homeowners immediately start imagining the tearing down the entire home. However, it isn’t so. Unlike what many believe, ducted air conditioners can be easily installed in a fully-occupied home without disturbing the home designs.

All we need to do is to install the central fan unit in the middle of the roof inside the ceiling. This central fan unit will be connected through the ducting to the small and sleek ducts placed at various locations of the home.

Therefore, the only signs that you have installed a ducted air conditioning in your home are the neat ducts placed at the ceiling. The designs and the aesthetics of your home won’t be touched at all and your home will still look the dashing self with the elegant ducts at the top.

4. Centralized Temperature Control from Anywhere

The unique feature of the ducted air conditioning unit is the zone control. In general, your home can be split into six zones and each of these zones can be manually or automatically controlled to set its own temperature. With the help of sensors and thermostats placed around the home, the air conditioner moderates the temperature automatically by detecting the zoning occupancy, thereby, saving the energy.

You can manually control the temperature of the zone from anywhere in the house through a WiFi connection. Alternatively, most of the ducted air conditioners have a special app that can be installed on the smartphone to control the temperature of the zones even when you are miles away from home.

5. No Noise Disturbance

Why People Prefer Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

All air conditioning units come with a compressor that makes a noticeable noise when in operation. While most of the air conditioners need to have the compressor just next to it, it isn’t necessary for the ducted air conditioning systems. If you want to keep the compressor noise away, you can install the compressor at a considerable distance from your home.

6. Air Filtration and Dehumidification

During the exchange of heat, the ducted air conditioning unit filters and dehumidifies the air. The ducted air conditioning system has an air filter fitted with a grill that filters out all the dust and particles in the air while the dehumidifier removes the moisture content of the air. Thus, you get to breathe is the clean air circulated through the ducted systems.

With so many such reasons to support the advantages of installing the ducted air conditioning systems, what are you waiting for? Install a ducted air conditioner for your home and experience a comfortable temperature like never before!

Contact one of our air conditioning specialists at Globalrez to guide for ducted air conditioner installations. Call us at 1300 781 855 to know more details.

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