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Air Conditioning Lake Macquarie

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Install and Supply in Lake Macquarie.

Lake Macquarie air conditioning specialists Globalrez stock the highest rated air con supplies and can both install and maintain your local air conditioning solution at an affordable price.

Whether your requirements are ducted air conditioning or a split system setup, our qualified team of installation experts are equipped to manage your needs whilst providing a high level of service backed by a five-year warranty on all parts and labour.

Globalrez are rated five stars and offer a guarantee on price, ensuring you receive the best quality of service matched with high quality product for a long lasting climate control solution for your home or business.

  • Supply & Install of Ducted and Split System Air Conditioning Systems
  • Five-Year Warranty on Labour and Parts
  • Commercial and Residential Situations Covered
  • 15 Years Experience in the Air Con Industry
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team
  • Timely and To Budget

Globalrez Central Coast are your local air conditioning experts. We stock a range of the best air conditioning brands and can both supply and install your desired unit in your home or business.

We carry both split-system and ducted air conditioning solutions with a five-year warranty on all parts and labour, so you can rest easy knowing your temperature-controlled space will last for many years to come.

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We install in Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast and Gold Coast areas only.

Reverse-cycle air conditioning Central Coast

Split system air conditioning

Your best choice for a small to medium-sized space may well be a split system unit, given its relative affordability and ease of install. Split system air conditioning requires both one or more indoor units in combination with an outdoor unit.

Climate can be controlled on a per-unit basis, with each indoor air con providing its own individualised remote-control system, allowing for multiple climates within a home or business.

Inverter split systems will allow the unit to self-regulate its power consumption by increasing or decreasing the kW usage depending on the climate requirements. The outdoor temperature can impact what level of power is needed to bring the temperature to a comfortable level, and with inverter systems your air conditioning system will identify how much power is necessary throughout the day, enabling cost control and saving.

A non-inverter unit, while more affordable, can only run either as full power on, or completely off. When starting up or shutting down a system, a significant volume of energy is used – meaning you may be using unnecessary power while turning the system on or off.

Your local Globalrez expert will provide you with advice pertaining to your individual needs in order to run the most energy efficient system that brings your space to optimal temperature.

Air Conditioning Lake Macquarie - ducted

Ducted air conditioning

Larger spaces or clients that are looking for a more inconspicuous aesthetic will find ducted air conditioning to be an ideal solution.

Ducted air conditioning differs from split system in that it only requires and outdoor unit in conjunction with a number of ceiling vents or floor grates that are smaller in size and far less noticeable than an indoor wall mounted unit.

Advantages of ducted air con units include the ability to maintain a more regulated control of temperature. Dedicated zones can be controlled individually meaning that several spaces can be set to varying temperatures.

Ducted air conditioning is a premium solution with a high degree of customisation best suited to larger homes or businesses, or spaces with limited wall space for mounted units. Reverse cycle systems also allow for complete temperature control from keeping the space warm in cooler months, and cooler in he hotter months.

The Globalrez Lake Macquarie expert team can provide advice and guidance on the optimal ducted system for your space. Call us today for a quote suited to your unique needs and size of space.

Inverter air conditioning The Shire

Save money with inverter

If you’re unsure about the difference between inverter and non-inverter units then we can explain it simply. While inverter units can regulate how much power in consumed throughout the day, non-inverter units can only run at full capacity or not at all. What this means for your energy bills is lower power consumption on days where the sun is contributing to overall climate, or when you require a space to be brought to temperature quickly then regulated throughout the day at a lower level of power usage.

Inverter units are far more flexible and can both increase and decrease the kW usage of the unit depending on the environmental conditions. This can lead to a reduction in energy costs as the unit only consumes the power requires to keep the temperature at optimal levels.

Non-inverter units on the other hand must run at full capacity consistently whilst turned on. Turning the unit off will conserve energy, however, the energy require to both power down and power up the unit contributes to the overall energy consumption and may result in higher energy bills and a more manual level of control over your system.

We recommend a system that is set and forget and self regulates throughout the day for minimal interaction and lower overall energy costs, despite a marginally higher upfront cost.

Our Air Conditioning Services in Lake Macquarie

Air Conditioning Installation

Globalrez Lake Macquarie provide air conditioning installation services throughout the region. Whether you are looking to control the temperature of a commercial space, or a home we can supply quality product combined with an excellent level of customer service.

Our five-year warranty on parts and labour ensure that you can relax in comfort following the installation of your air conditioning system.

Call Globalrez today to arrange a quote and our price match guarantee will make certain that you can receive the best possible price for a high level of service.

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Servicing, maintenance & repairs

Our Lake Macquarie team are equipped to service and maintain your air conditioning system for optimal performance over time. We suggest two maintenance services per year (both at the start of winter and the start of summer) to ensure you get the very most out of your air conditioning year-round.

Our five-year warranty on parts and labour will keep your mind free of worry as we will cater to your repair needs at any point post-installation in Lake Macquarie.

We can also provide you with air conditioning service, maintenance and repairs. Both our commercial and residential clients can depend on us to keep their air con running as smoothly as possible throughout the year.

We are also able to clean the:

  • grills and diffusers
  • heat exchangers
  • heating and cooling coils
  • air handling unit housing
  • supply and return air ducts and registers
  • fan motor and fan housing

Servicing your air conditioner regularly is highly recommended to prolong the life of your system. Through regular servicing via Globalrez, you can increase the expected lifespan of your system to at least 10 years.

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Air Conditioning Special Offers Lake Macquarie

Simply head over to our special offers page to find out more about how you can save money on your next air conditioning installation in Lake Macquarie.

Globalrez Lake Macquarie Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Reilly Weston
Reilly Weston
03:24 10 Dec 18
An extremely professional service from the entire team. From the start dealing with Gary, and then Tom for the installation team - everyone was extremely helpful, polite and full of knowledge. Globalrez installed both a ducted system and split system, and found an outstanding solution for the return air grill. Rubbish was always collected, and worked around hours that suited me. Couldn't recommend the team highly enough (Justin, Nathan, Chris, Riley + others (sorry forgot your names))
Morris Ark
Morris Ark
05:37 03 Sep 20
Great experience from start to finish. From the call with Gary on the phone, the site inspection and the installation by Ash and the guys. All professional, informative and kept the house clean after the install. Would recommend to anyone needing Aircon. They offered 50 months interest free with the Mitsubishi Heavy industries ducted system.
Eddie Paterson
Eddie Paterson
00:35 10 Dec 21
Couldn't be happier with the result. Had a quote within 24 hours. Was extremely competitive price. Gary answered my questions promptly and was very customer orientated. Unit was installed within a few days. Shane's installation was efficient and extremely professional. Job was neat and tidy. I would HIGHLY recommend.
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