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What Size Ducted Air Conditioner Do I Need?

What Size Ducted Air Conditioner Do I Need? - 039 edited

To get relief from the scorching heat of the summers, buying a ducted air conditioner would be a great idea. But while purchasing an air conditioner, selection of appropriate size would be the major factor to strike your mind. Investing in a right-sized air conditioner and placing at an ideal location will give you almost 100% efficient performance. Additionally, this will also contribute to its longevity.

Why size matters?

If you purchase an incorrect sized ducted air conditioner or install it at a wrong place, it would tend you to bear loss in terms of efficiency, energy consumption and electricity bills. For instance, buying a small capacity AC for comparably large space would not cool the area much. As a result in athe10-20 year life span, your AC needs would need repairing around 20-50 times.

The problem with the larger one is energy consumption, which can compel you to pay a huge amount of bill. Hence, choosing the right sized air conditioner can heat and cool your room to your desired temperature in an efficient way.

The importance of position

At times, the position of AC in your room could also affect its efficiency. For example, fixing it beside the window, from where maximum sunlight comes will take more time to cool your home. This would in turn tend you to pay more bills while receiving less cooling.

How to choose the perfect size ducted air conditioner?

If you are planning to buy a ducted AC for home usages then size is the key factor you should consider. To get the maximum efficiency check how to choose the right one.

You would need British Thermal Unit (BTU) calculation to find out the perfect size for your room. This energy unit will help you to measure the total energy needed to heat one-pound water by one degree F. Hence, you can use BTU as a reference to the amount of required by the ducted AC to remove heat from the surrounding atmosphere.

The unit size will always depend upon the size of the room. If you are installing your ducted AC in a smaller home then it will require less BTR to cool or heat. If it is a larger house then the BTU rate will be larger. However, calculating the volume of the rooms can give efficient results, as it will include the volume of the concerned room.

Making calculations according to the Thumb rule would also help you significantly to determine the size of the ducted air conditioner with respect to the space. In this method, you need to calculate the total daytime living floor area and multiply with the watt of energy required per square meter.

When should you choose the larger AC?

These specific situations make it necessary for you to buy large-sized AC.

  • When you have only west-facing windows of single glass in your rooms.
  • When roof spaces are not insulated.
  • When you are using your AC rooms mostly in the daytime.

When should you choose the smaller AC?

Below situations necessitate the need for small-sized AC.

  • When the roof spaces and the walls of the rooms are highly insulated.
  • When you are not regular at using the rooms in the daytime.
  • When the rooms are also duct insulated.

Factors to consider before buying a ducted air conditioner

It would be wise to consider several factors before buying a ducted AC.

  • Check the insulation level and the construction materials of the rooms where you want to install it.
  • You should plan the floor of your home accordingly.
  • Heights of the ceilings are also important things to consider.
  • Calculate how many rooms you have in your home and choose the AC accordingly.
  • Type, size and the location of the doors and windows.
  • How many parts you want to do air-conditioned.

You may check this ultimate guide as a resolution of your quest to look out for the right sized ducted air conditioner However, you may also contact an experienced specialist to know the perfect size of AC you need to buy or you can contact with ducted air conditioning companies to get the guidance.

Purchasing the correct sized ducted air conditioner can give you a pleasant cool experience in your home and helps you to save excessive electricity bill.

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